Wear the Party and GIVE LIFE!!!

Lolly y Nelly is thrilled to announce our partnership with Simply Smiles at its Home for Children in Oaxaca, Mexico!! A portion from every sale will be donated to this wonderful organization, which works to provide bright futures for children in their care. Education and medical care are just a few of the services Simply Smiles provides.

Be sure to read more about them by visiting their website (simplysmiles.org) and following them on FB and IG (@simplysmilesinc) !!!

#weartheparty and GIVELIFE
*Creating a nurturing environment to build bright, healthy futures*

“We provide an oasis - a safe, stable, and fun environment for children of all ages to learn, grow, and thrive to allow them to have the bright futures that they deserve! 
The children who live with us at our Simply Smiles children's home come from various backgrounds and family units. Many are from remote regions of the state where both access and local economies make schooling and health care unavailable or unaffordable. “