The Honduran Fiesta!!!

Buenos Dias!!

I have just returned from an amazing trip to Roatan, Honduras. It was a vacation/pleasure/business trip. But it turned into so much more.

We can’t wait for you to see all of the beautiful dresses we brought back. They are truly very special. The artwork and craftsmanship is exquisite.

During our stay, we had a special connection and met some people who grew up on the small island of St. Helene. As I inquired more, I became more intrigued and drawn in. I asked if someone could take us to the small island. After a few details were ironed out, we were on our way!! A 1 1/2 hour car ride, then we got into a tiny boat for a very rough 15 minute ride and were over to St Helene. We had no idea what to expect! We were greeted by some of the most friendly and loving people I’ve ever met.

We visited for a while on the porch. Marian, our host, sat and made an LSU bag for me while we talked. Marian and many other ladies on the island have been taught how to crochet with ribbon made from recycled plastic bags. This new craft has generated income for their families. The Abundant Life Foundation has assisted them in this and other endeavors. 

From the Abundant Life Foundation website:

‘In November of 2012, the Abundant Life Foundation showed some women in St. Helene, Roatan, Honduras, the concept of crocheting handbags made mostly from recycled materials. To date, over 65 individual women have sold over $25,000 worth of bags, learning a sustainable business model. Ten percent of all proceeds are collected in a community fund for the community to use as they collectively decide.’

Lolly y Nelly is excited to partner with this foundation and sell their bags here on our site. We won’t be making any money on these bags. Your support will go directly to them when you purchase a bag!

We hope you will find a bag you love and make a purchase that will help support these wonderful families!
Visit for more info!

Here are some pics from our day on the island and some of the ladies who make the bags.

We are so thrilled about this adventure and hope you will purchase a bag or two and support these new friends! 

As always, enjoy free shipping.