Summer is ending, but the party continues!

Hello Friends!

Many of you are about to send your precious littles back to school. It is always an exciting time, but can be a bit anxious, too! We hope it will be a fun new adventure for all of you, and try to find the FIESTA in each day!

We have been adding lots of new earrings to our accessories line. Many of them are not custom made just for us, they are just designs that we are able to get from our suppliers. However, we are very excited about some CUSTOM earrings made just for Lolly y Nelly! It's not easy getting custom dresses or ANYTHING from another country. But we have been diligent, time challenged, language challenged, and have finally arrived at a few new great designs!! We should have them in shop and listed by the end of this week. We canNOT wait to show you!!

***If you are an LSU FAN, you don't want to miss this!!***

Also, if you are purchasing from us, either dresses or earrings, please note. All of our products are handmade. With that being said, no 2 are exactly alike, and some may have slight differences in coloring or style. Some of our earrings (like the ones with tassels), may need a slight 'fluffing' after we ship them to you. 

Thank you so much for supporting our SMALL SHOP! We are having so much fun, and hope you are enjoying the journey with us.

Wear the Fiesta!

XOXO, Lolly