Honduras, Corona, and Masks!

Hello friends!

We had a wonderful trip to Honduras in March. We brought back some beautiful handmade bags from our friends there in Roatan. They are all posted on the website.

Shortly after returning, the Corona thing hit. It's been a crazy few months for everyone. But it looks like we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I sure hope so!

Since returning and having slow sales and lots of time on our hands, we began discussions with our artisans in Mexico about making some fiesta face masks for us. Not only were they on board with it, but they have been very quick, efficient, and have produced some beautiful masks for us! We have been selling out as quickly as we get them. 

We should have some kid masks very soon, along with matching doll masks. We are so excited to offer these to you!

Thanks for being such good customers. And, as always,

Wear the Fiesta!!

XOXO, Lolly